Beer Scoring via WhatPub

GBG 2018 ImageAll members are strongly encouraged to score their beer on each visit to a pub.  These scores are used when selecting entries for the Good Beer Guide and monitoring beer quality.

To access the scoring system please follow these steps.

  1. Go to the webpage WhatPub and login with your CAMRA membership number and password.  If using your home computer, select Remember me and you will be logged on automatically in future
  1. Searching for the pub can be done by entering the name of the village or town in which the pub is located or the pub name followed by the village or town name.
  1. A list of pubs will be offered and it may occupy more than one page  Choose the pub by clicking on the pub name with the correct town/village after it.
  1. Under the heading Submit Beer Scores
    1. Enter the date of your visit.
    2. Enter your score by selecting the arrow (This is the image of an arrow that can be found on the Whatpub website.) and chosing an appropriate score from the list.  Please note that a zero score should only be awarded if the pub has no real ale available.
    3. In the Brewery window, start to enter the name of the brewery and a list will automatically appear.  Please use the list to select the correct name for the brewery.
    4. Clicking in the Beer window, generates another arrow (This is also the image of an arrow that can be found on the Whatpub website.) and a list of beers produced by that brewery.  Please select the name of the beer.  Should the beer not be listed, please type the name accurately into the box.

You now have a choice

  1. Choose Submit Score or better still choose Show advanced options which will allow you to enter the price of the pint, including the decimal point and a brief comment on the beer quality.
  1. If you have more beer scores for this pub select Add another score or
  1. If you have visited another pub click on the New search button go back to step 2
  1.  Now Log out when finished.

Good luck!

To obtain a printer friendly version of these instructions, please select the word download.bubble logo bottom right