Pub/Club Festivals

A number of pubs/clubs have sought our help/guidance in organising and running beer festivals.  Please find  below, a set of guidelines that have been designed to clarify how Ayrshire & Wigtownshire CAMRA branch may assist you.  A printable version of these guidlines can be found here.

Guidelines for Pub/Club Festivals

What We Can Do For You


What We Can Do

What We May Be Able To Do

What We Cannot Do

Pre-festival Organisation

  • Give advice.
  • Assist you (subject to volunteer availability).
  • Organise the festival for you.




  • Arrange a venue.




  • Assist in any way with finance.


  • Give advice.
  • Mention the festival in our magazine, website, Facebook page, etc.
  • Advise our members of the festival via our quarterly newsletter (dependant on timing).
  • Arrange publicity.

Beer order

  • Give advice.
  • Provide you with contacts for suppliers.


  • Order your beer.


  • Give advice.
  • Loan taps, handpumps, etc. (subject to availability).
  • Provide you with contacts for stillage suppliers.
  • Loan stillage (subject to availability) if the bar is set up by and staffed by CAMRA volunteers.
  • Loan stillage if any bar staff are not CAMRA members.
  • Loan bar, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Arrange for transport from/to storage to/from the festival venue.

Setting Up


  • Set up the stillage, beer, bar, etc. (subject to volunteer availability).
  • Set up other aspects of the venue.



  • Staff the bar (subject to volunteer availability).
  • Staff other aspects of the festival, e.g. entry.



  • Dismantle the bar, stillage, etc. (subject to volunteer availability).
  • Dismantle other aspects of the festival.
  • Arrange for empty cask collection.


CAMRA reserves the right to withdraw from any festival, at any time, if we feel appropriate standards are not being met.

What We Expect From You
Dependent on the level of our involvement we expect you to